Weight Loss

A Review of the TV Show, ”This Is Us”

When it comes to celebrities and their weight issues, few can compare to Chrissy Metz. Recently, the actress from This Is Us was very vocal about her struggle with weight. And surprisingly, her story also draws some parallel with that of Kate Winslet, the star of the same show. During an episode, Kate is seen breaking into a sweat while pumping gas. At the time, Kate’s character, Kate Winslet, and even herself can relate to how hard it is to be fat, especially when you have to constantly worry about those around you.


So, what does the star do to combat her dilemma? She does not exercise or watch her meal count religiously. Instead, she would often times binge on ice cream and cookies-a typical American diet during the week. The good thing about binge eating is that you feel satisfied, like you did something good for yourself. The problem is that it usually leads to more weight gain, more stress, and eventually more problems. For example, in an episode of This Is Us where Kate is forced to go on a diet, after an episode where she ate ice cream and cake, she is not only stressed out, but also she is left with many new health problems that are related to overeating.

When it comes to diet plan weight loss, like most weight loss programs, this may work for some people. However, for the most part, it is not effective. Celebrities do not usually have to worry about counting calories or about their fat grams, so they can go on and eat as much as they want. It takes a lifestyle to achieve their looks, which most celebrities already possess. If you really want to lose weight without stressing out, you should try a diet plan like This Is Us.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

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